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5 Top Trends In Bathroom Tile Design For 2020

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When we think of interior tile trends, we often think of how we can communicate a mood that is relevant to the season. The right tile can elevate and change the entire feel of a space and like any other part of the home, the bathroom is sensitive towards fashion and design trends. We understand that bathroom tile choices need to be carefully considered because the investment is often substantial. If you are currently building or remodelling the bathroom for yourself or for a client, we have gathered a range of inspiring bathroom tile designs that will certainly end up on the mood board for your next project.

Trend 1: Graphic Tile Patterns

Whether you decide to lay them on the floors or walls, unique graphic tile patterns add the perfect accent to any bathroom. Either choosing soft subtle hues or bold contrasting colours, the intricate patterns will become the feature space in any home. This trend is one we are going to see a lot of as manufacturers continue to design a range of stunning, eye-catching geometric and organic patterns as they expand in popularity. Graphic tiles come in subway, square or mosaic sheets, making them completely adaptable to any feature wall, splashback or, for a bold move, the entire space. This trend is the perfect opportunity to get creative with the bathroom area and create something exceptional.

Trend 2: Matte Finish Tiles

Matte finish tiles are becoming increasingly popular within new builds and investments as they create a timeless and modern look with low maintenance. They feature a soft but powerful style that doesn’t overwhelm the space, meaning you can choose a darker colour without making the space feel crowded or small. Therefore, this tile option is ideal for flooring in busy bathrooms. This tile option works best in a bathroom that is flooded with natural light, as matte finishes don’t reflect light as well as a gloss, you will rely on the natural light a lot more to achieve the effect you are looking for within the space.

Trend 3: Neutral and Earthy

The visual relief and calming atmosphere that neutral tones provide is inspiring when achieving an earthy and natural bathroom. As the popularity of these tones throughout the soft furnishings in the home increase, we can’t help but get excited over the endless moods we can create. For example, mixing marble with textured or matte finish beige tiles can achieve the raw and earthy space we are looking for. Although marble is quite an expensive tile investment, the tile technology is constantly advancing and manufacturers can emulate almost any raw earth stone there is. This invites a more sustainable and achievable solution to these luxurious looking tile trends.

Trend 4: Speckled

We saw the natural terrazzo tile have its biggest year in 2019 and we don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon. In fact, it has paved the way to welcome more speckled patterned tiles onto the mood boards of many designers. The animal print look that the terrazzo tile promotes is the organic element any bathroom needs. Laying these tiles on the floor or walls will achieve that unique patterned look without overpowering the space. Here is also the chance to introduce a different colourway for your terrazzo tile to get creative with a classic pattern.

Trend 5: Blending

Blending is all about bringing the outside in. As wood look tiles have been trending for many years, now is the time to begin looking into new ways to present them. It makes sense to head into the bathroom. This style tile is popular for remodelling and investment projects as a smart way to have a timber board look in large living spaces. Porcelain wood grain tiles are perfect for the bathroom since they offer greater stain and water resistance without sacrificing design aesthetics. Woodgrain tiles enhance the organic feel, much needed in a bathroom space. For an even more compelling look, you could try mixing natural stone planks and other materials such as concrete with wood-look tiles. This adds an unexpected but welcomed style to your bathroom.

To discover these looks and more, visit The Tile Collective’s online showroom here.

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