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Get Summer Ready: Top 5 Tile Selections for Your Pool Area

Get Summer Ready: Top 5 Tile Selections for Your Pool Area

It’s winter, so it is time to start thinking about your summer entertainment area! 🏊‍♂️ We know…it feels counterintuitive. But wait, you will blink, and it will be BBQ season.☀️ To help you build the most functional, fun, and attractive outdoor area before summer rolls around, we have collected our top 5 tile picks for your pool area.

1: The Trusty Travertine

Travertine Tiles

Source: Cheap Tiles Online

Travertine is one of our best and most versatile designs on offer. It comes in a range of natural colours and various sizes, so you are bound to find your perfect match. We suggest looking into the external or pavers range for outdoor pool areas for their durability and non-slip finish. Need we mention that they’re currently on sale?

2: Escape with Paradise Vanuatu

Paradise Vanuatu Pool Safe tiles

Source: Cheap Tiles Online

The stunning Paradise Vanuatu tiles are made of a glass mosaic and feature natural colours to complement any interior design. If you’re interested in advanced LED lighting in your pool area, you’ll love how this range refracts and interacts with light. The neutral colours and shimmer in the glass create a beautiful lightscape throughout the day and night. 

3: Flaunt your feature fountain

Natural Stone feature wall

Source: Cheap Tiles Online

Are you considering a feature fountain? You might like to pair it with gorgeous stone cladding. Nothing says luxury more than a decedent water curtain or rain descent matched with a natural stone feature wall. You can browse our full range of natural stone cladding here

4: Pave your path

River Stone Pavers

Source: Cheap Tiles Online

Go big and bold with our 600x600x20 River Stone Dark Grey pavers – an appropriate choice for your pool and entertainment area. The sheer size of these pavers is a lavish statement and creates the sense of a larger, expansive outdoor space. We suggest continuing the tile throughout your whole outdoor area.

5: Play with Artisan Patterns

timber wood floor

Source: Kyal & Kara

Although it might seem daunting at first, if done skillfully, decorating the interior of your pool with artisan tiles can deliver a beautiful uniqueness to your space. We especially love how Kyal and Kara matched a natural stone coping with their patterned stairs. You can browse our Artisan tile range here; however, for more options, visit one of our showrooms below!

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