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Step by Step guide to tiling your home

Step-by-Step Guide to Tiling Your Home

When renovating your home, choosing the perfect tile will have a huge impact on your space. So, it is important to know your options – the good and the bad – before making your final choice. We’ve broken down the fundamental steps you need to know.

1. Get Inspired

This is the fun part – you get to look at hundreds of images, designs and layouts to help envision what kind of tile might work for your space. There are multiple ways to find inspiration but some of our favourites include:

  • Pinterest: “Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more” – Pinterest. It’s honestly a staple for anyone dabbling in home renovations. You can follow our Pinterest account here for tiling inspiration. 😉
  • Instagram: Instagram is a great platform for both building your community and seeking inspiration. Following a bunch of hashtags and other people who are documenting their renovations will help you make more informed & inspired decisions. You can follow our Instagram account here.
  • Magazines: An old faithful – home design magazines are a great way to discover new tips, trends and products.

2: Narrow Your Sights

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Once you’ve gotten a feel of your style, it’s time to talk specifics. Identify the tiles that match your aesthetic—material, shape, size, finish—and become familiar with their terminology.

For example, the tile featured in the above image you see is called the Carrara. It is a marble tile in a hexagon shape, featuring a polished mosaic finish and measures 48×48. Knowing this will be helpful when you are shopping for products in-person and online.

3: Explore Your Options

Before purchasing your tiles, we suggest visiting a tile shop or The Tile Collective showroom to gain expert advice and see the tiles in-person. Sometimes, they may feel or look different to how you’d imagined them when browsing online. At The Tile Collective showrooms, we house a huge selection of tiles for you to choose from. Our friendly customer service team will give you free advice, suggest options around your needs and help organise delivery to your new home once you’ve made your final decision. You can view our newly opened Brisbane & Underwood showroom opening hours here.

Alternatively, if you prefer to browse and shop online, you can browse over 3,000 products via our online store Cheap Tiles Online.

4: Installing Your Tiles

Now there are two different routes you could take here—seeking a professional’s help or risking it DIY. If you’re in need of help, feel free to contact us and we’re more than happy to direct you to a professional in your area. For all those braving DIY, there’s a couple of steps:

  • Calculate how many tiles you’ll need
  • Prepare & clean the surface
  • Plan your layout using a gauge rod
  • Get tiling!
  • Wipe away the grout

In most cases, we highly recommend seeking professional assistance to ensure the best finish.

5: Caring for Your Tiles

Despite being one of the most durable flooring options, we still suggest sweeping and vacuuming your tiles from time-to-time. It helps remove small, hazardous particles such as sand and stones that may wear down your precious flooring. You can also use natural cleaning solutions such as vinegar mixed with water to wipe away any grime. If you’re not a fan of vacuuming or cleaning, doormats are a good option to prevent unwanted dirt on your tiles.

For the best tile results that meet the Australian and New Zealand regulations for splashbacks, walls and floors, get in touch here.

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