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How Our Tiles Compare: Your FAQs Answered


Our Online Showroom has over 3,000 products to choose from, updated daily. In addition to our exclusive tile ranges, sourced directly from the manufacturer, we stock the same tiles found in stores across the country, but at a fraction of the price.

How do we do this, without compromising on quality? We answer all your FAQs below.

1.Can I achieve a natural stone look with porcelain tiles?

Stone-look tiles are a popular choice among our clients as they make a statement in the home. We understand that authentic natural stone isn’t always within the renovation budget. Therefore, if you are looking to enhance your project with a natural stone look, we have plenty of porcelain tile options to achieve a similar vibe while being a little more budget-friendly. Check out the Galaxy Carrara Shine tiles 450×450, or the Galaxy Carrara Internal Matte tiles 600×600 for a Carrara Marble inspired look.

2.Can I use wood-look for the walls?

Absolutely! Wood-look tiles are an easy decision for the floors as they offer a durable alternative to floorboards for high-traffic areas in the home. Same goes for the walls. We have seen many designers purchase wood-look for the walls, particularly in bathrooms to achieve an alternative look while tying in with other, more traditionally styled, rooms. Here is an install sample from one of our Brisbane builders – Hi-Tech Projects.

3.Do you have Australian Made options?

Yes! We stock a wide variety of Australian made tiles. If visiting the Brisbane Showroom, you can find these with the official Australian Made logo on them, or when browsing online, look out for the logo in the corner of the tile sample.

4.Should I choose ceramic tiles over porcelain?

One of the main differences between porcelain and ceramic tiles is the density of the tile leading to lower water absorption rate in porcelain tiles. The clay used to build porcelain tiles is generally denser which provides the lower water absorption and extra strength that is commonly needed in commercial applications.

While a ceramic tile can be slightly more prone to water infiltration than a porcelain tile, most forms are equally suitable as a flooring material, wall covering, or countertop surface in general residential applications. While you should make sure that the tile you choose is rated for the use (tiles rated for floor use typically have a thicker glaze and the product will specify that this is an allowed use), your choice of ceramic or porcelain tile boils down to what particular tile style appeals to you visually and the specific needs of your project.

5.Can floor tiles be installed on walls? Or wall tiles on floors?

We understand that when you see a style you like, the objective is to make it work. A tile labelled as suitable for the floor or walls refers to the durability of the product and how well it will hold up in high traffic areas. From this, any floor tile can be installed on the wall, though in most cases, it is not appropriate to switch them. We recommend consulting with us before you take the risk so we can suggest how to install and any application recommendations.

For the best tile results that meet the Australian and New Zealand regulations for all tiles, get in touch here.

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