Top 3 Tips For Using Stone Tiles For Your Landscaping & Outdoor Projects

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Top 3 Tips For Using Stone Tiles For Your Landscaping and Outdoor Projects

The Tile Collective Outdoor projects

By choosing highly slip-resistant tiles with low water absorption, you can create an outdoor area that not only looks great but is durable against consistent exposure to the elements.

We put together our top 5 tiles for your landscaping and outdoor projects.

1. Enhance The Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces

If you’re looking for a visual connection with your indoor/outdoor living space, then matching your indoor stone or stone-look tile with the outdoor is our top recommendation. You will be amazed at how much it extends your home into a beautiful living area. Stone or stone-look tiles come in various styles that are sure to meet your needs.

The selections we recommend include Travertine that is available in cream, tan or white with delicate golden or blue-grey tones of Limestone that is generally a subtle pastel but also comes in grey, black and blue-grey.

2. Consider The Durability

When working with any outdoor living space you need to choose a tile that is weather-resistant, durable and appealing. Additionally, the stone tile used for walkways and heavily trafficked areas need to be slip-resistant in a commercial setting especially. Never use highly polished stone outdoors because they are extremely slippery when wet.

Generally, stone tile that has a rough finish is the best for walkways. Not only does this type of tile prevent falls but it adds a rich depth and texture to the landscape. Stone tile also helps protect your outdoor furniture from bugs and other creatures

3. Stone Tiles For The Pool

We touched on what’s available in our Limestone range, these are also the best stone tiles to use for the pool area. It is naturally fissured and pitted, offering a slip-resistant surface and aesthetics. One great quality with limestone is that it handles heat well, which is great considering the Queensland climate.

If you are looking for a durable and attractive surfacing option for your outdoor area you can check out our diverse range of outdoor tiles or get in touch with the team here.

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